SAP Business One Implementation

SAP Business One Project Implementation

Our Consultants work closely with you to understand your business functions, processes and procedures, including your business requirements and needs before implementing any solution. When implementing a new system, selecting the right software is only the beginning. The true work begins when the actual implementation starts. By applying our exceptional methods to work, our implementation services capitalize on an “out of the box” product functionality to get customers up and running quickly, efficiently and with minimal financial investment.

SAP Business One Implementation Methodology

ERP Solutions delivers its project by using The SAP ASAP Focus methodology. This proven and tested methodology over decades aims at quick implementation of SAP Business One within decided budgets and time frame.

Under this approach ERP Solutions team works with the business and IT team of the organization to help improve their business processes, identify to-be processes and map their business requirements to the functionality available in the SAP application through configuration and customization. Extensive testing and effective change management are key elements of this project. The key phases and activities are defined by SAP’s ASAP methodology as highlighted below.

SAP Business One Implementation Phases

Phase 1 - Project Preparation

The purpose of this phase is to provide initial planning and preparation for the project. Every project has its own unique objectives, scope, and priorities. The steps in Phase 1 identify and plan the primary focus areas to be considered.

During this phase, we will undertake the following activities:
Definition of project goals and objectives
Clarification of implementation scope
Definition of the implementation strategy
Definition of overall project schedule and implementation sequence
Establishment of the project organization and committees
Assignment of resources
Addressing these issues early in the implementation provides a solid foundation for the project and helps ensure that the project proceeds efficiently.

Phase 2 - Business Blueprint

The purpose of this phase is to create the business blueprint, which is detailed documentation of the results gathered during requirements workshops. The business blueprint documents the business process requirements of the company and helps to illustrate how the company intends to run its business within the SAP Business One.

Other activities in this phase include:
Refinement of the original project goals and objectives
Definition of the baseline scope
Refinement of the overall project schedule and implementation sequence

Phase 3 - Realization

The purpose of this phase is to implement business and process requirements based on the business blueprint. The objectives are as follows:

Final implementation in the system
Overall test
Release of the system for production (live) operation

Phase 4 - Final Preparation

The final preparation includes testing, end-user training, system management, and cutover activities. The final preparation phase also serves to resolve all crucial open issues. On successful completion of this phase, the customer’s business will be ready to run with the new live SAP Business One.

Phase 5 - Go Live and Support

The purpose of this phase is to cut over to live productive operation and to continuously support and improve live operations. This phase encompasses two distinct periods, as follows:

Project End

When the system first goes live, all issues and problems will have been resolved, transition to the production support team will have been finalized, knowledge transfer will have been completed, and the project will have been signed off.

Continuous Improvement

Once the project is complete, the production support team will monitor the system and resolve live business process issues. Proper change management procedures will be established, and ongoing end-user training will be conducted. Plans will be made to continuously review and improve business processes.

SAP Business One Implementation

SAP global accreditation program which promotes the following quality procedures:

Agree on project roles and responsibilities from the outset

Identify and manage risks jointly

Regular and systemized backup procedures

Use Consultant Skill Matrix to assign the right consultants for the job

Post Implementation review

Organizational learnings post implementation

With these quality controls, ERP Solutions is able to assess, manage and complete successful projects for its customers. This has led to over 350 successful implementations.

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