SAP Business One and ERP Solutions provide manufacturing companies the ability to gain visibility over their production process, plan and manage their resources more effectively and understand the true cost of the products they produce. The common pain points for the manufacturing sector include:

Meeting delivery dates
Stock levels for raw materials and finished goods
Costing of finished goods
Capacity planning
Visibility over production performance
Machine and labor utilization
Manual data entry

To solve those common pain points, SAP and ERP Solutions have developed an affordable solution, specifically aimed at SME manufacturing companies. The functionality includes:

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
Multiple Level Bill of Materials (BOM)
Production Orders
Routing & WIP
Production Scheduling
Shop Floor Data Collection
Material & Purchase Requisition
Sales Blanket Order


SAP Business One for Manufacturing offers an unparalleled combination of functionality for organizations with a focus on discrete and repetitive manufacturing. The solution has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of these organisations. The result is a flexible and tightly integrated software solution, with rich functionality, that is very easy to use.

For companies with a need of extensive but easy to use manufacturing functionality, SAP Business One for Manufacturing is the ideal solution.

CRM: Robust and easy to use CRM functionality providing opportunity, sales and service management.
Quotation & Sales Control: Improve quoting and order management in your company. Using the robust calculation tool, price calculations are fast, flexible and dependable. With the fast MRP calculation you can see the production time of an item, based on the current capacity. For standard items you can work based on “available to promise”
Bill of Resources: Different types of material and operations form the basis of the bill of resources. Work centres are integrated in operations and capacity information is transparent (setup times, job times, teardown times etc.).
Calculation: Bills of resources and production orders can be calculated in various ways. You can easily create multiple cost schedules, at your own definition with any formula. This offers a rich and flexible calculation of costs. Based on the cost schedules you can define price schedules. Based on the various lot sizes you can calculate costs, prices and process them into price lists.
Outsourcing: Powerful and easy to use outsourcing. In the bill of resources you can define what amount or percent should be outsourced and to what supplier.
Make To Order: The standard production system works with traditional MRP II runs to take care of all production and purchasing needs. But if your business requires a more customer-specific approach then there is the MTO capability. Here you can define per product how “deep” this MTO effect goes through the bill of resources and you can make separate MTO MRP runs to see the production and purchasing needs based on sales orders.
Production Planning: Automatic production planning in minutes. With powerful and flexible algorithms the system plans everything on an MRP II basis. This proven method ensures smooth operation and optimal use of all of your valuable resources. The production planning is supported with a graphical plan board from which you can drill down for additional details.
Production Data Capture: To get the real value of the system the PDC is a very powerful module. Here you can enter, in a very simple way, all the necessary data (start job , stop job , setup, breakdown, complete, partial, etc.). This data entry can be done in different ways, so it meets your business requirements. Available for terminals or web based.
Procurement & Stock: Comprehensive material planning and procurement functionality. Based on sales and production needs, the system can generate all relevant procurement orders.
Service: Manage the maintenance and repair of either your own machines or your customers. Service contracts and customer equipment cards are a solid basis for reliable and profitable business.
Finance: Completely integrated financial administration that gets fed from all relevant ERP components. Automatic payment, extensive reporting and easy to work with: everything you need for your financial management.
Flexibility: Because of its modern structure SAP Business One for Manufacturing is easy to implement and offers lots of flexible possibilities. And, even more important, it is adaptable during the complete lifecycle. As in time business processes change, the software can be changed as well. SAP Business One for Manufacturing ensures optimal business support for many years.
Integration: Since all software functions are fully integrated, data need only be entered once, and duplicate data entry is eliminated. Once data has been inputted, the information can be used everywhere. This means a fast and error free use of system data and a quick and accurate insight into all information.
Communication: The system is not only for internal processes; External documents can be managed as well and company documents can be mailed directly from the system.

With the integrated B1i tools, web services can be linked and/or data from other systems can be integrated.

SAP Business One for Manufacturing in 6 steps

Benefits of SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Bills of resources are easy to use and duplicate. This makes recalculation easy and lets you try out different product configurations.
Pre-define outsourcing in your bill of resources and easily change it there or in production orders. This compensates for any acute planning or delivery problems.
Calculate in various ways with different lot quantities. Depending on a customer’s request you can calculate costs and profits and update your customer’s price list.
From the graphical plan board you can “pin” different operations to fix the production order. Other operations will be automatically adjusted to these “pinned” operations.
Work with production orders from the cockpit. Here you can make various changes in production orders and see which orders have problems.
Extensive PDC (Production Data Capture) makes it easy to enter time, material use and finished and rejected end products. Also available as a web version for ultimate flexibility, it is an easy to learn and easy to use system that takes your business to the next level.

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