Import & Export

The Business Requirement

The client has its corporate office at Mumbai with its branches and manufacturing units spread all over India. There is an imperative need for integrating all the units for better coordination and efficiency.

The Solution

The main challenges identified were mapping the complex nature of the business of the apparel industry and to enable:

The planning department to streamline the operations.
Execution of orders and capturing cost.
Managing quota for exports.
Reduction of cycle time.
Identifying of all areas of wastage and reduction of wastages.

The Solution Benefit

Improvement in service to meet customer/consumer needs.
Reduction in inventory and capital investment risks.
Enhancing the organizations ability to respond to changing needs.
The organization was able to generate requirements to execute the orders.
The procurement process to meet specific customer orders was integrated which helped the client in monitoring the shortfall during the life cycle of the order.
The manufacturing process became efficient as the planning department could change the planned manufacturing location well in advance.
All the import and export related activities have been linked.
The special tool created for monitoring the orders has enabled the management to check the progress of various orders, thereby enabling them to service their customers better.

Development For Export and Import

EXIM Management
Incentive Management
Courier Management

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